Mentoring For Adults:
Mentoring For Individuals

If you would like to sharpen your focus and goals, let’s talk. You can:

set goals that reflect your past strengths and values as well as your future hopes,

improve your people skills,

talk through difficult situations confidentially,

role play your responses to become more assertive or make other shifts,

discuss decisions with many implications and look at all sides of the question,

seek balance in your life and notice when you are and aren’t getting it, and

be accountable for what you say you want.

Mentoring is mostly a matter of chemistry, given that the person has the basic competencies. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of our working together, read the website, and listen to the clips. Then let’s talk on the phone and decide whether we should meet and check it out (no fee).

If you are a structured person who likes lists and charts, we’ll make them; if you learn best through writing and conversation, we can take that approach. If you need an e-mail every few days, that’s possible too. Like all my work, it’s tailored.

Many people ask about the difference between mentoring and coaching. Coaches today have a specific curriculum and training. To me, mentoring is a broader concept, which includes both the strategic elements of coaching, and the listening and reflection elements of counseling.

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