Mentoring For Adults:
Mentoring Program Services

As you may have read in the other sections of this Website, I’m a neutral facilitator who helps organizations plan, retreat, and meet effectively. I bring in tools and suggestions, and together we decide what’s appropriate. Sometimes the client wants to do something I don’t like, and unless it’s unethical I’ll try it.

In mentoring, it’s a different scene, because I have strong opinions based on long experience, and only work with clients who share them.

We can help you in:

evaluating an existing program and recommending some even more effective approaches,

designing a program collaboratively with you “from the ground up,”

advising you about a program design you have already begun or tried, and developing training to go with it,

helping your organization evaluate options for formal and informal mentoring, and
training people to be better mentees and mentors, whether they are in a formal program or not.

If you’re interested, please e-mail and let’s arrange a time to talk. Every situation is different, and I need to know more about your organization to make intelligent suggestions.

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