National Clients
Sample Mentoring Clients

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville Area
     Consultation, design and training for Mentoring
Administrative and Financial Management, National
     Consultation, design and training for Mentoring      Program

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta and nationally Consultation, program design, facilitation, and teambuilding:
     CDC Mentoring Program
     Mentoring Program Steering Committee
     Handbooks for mentors, mentees and Committee      members
Career development issues for Public Health Advisors

     “Everybody Needs Mentoring” aimed at all      employees
     Separate training for mentors and mentees in the      formal program
     Training for Mentors for “Welfare to Work” Trainees

Corps of Engineers, Louisville, Kentucky
     Consultation, design and training for Mentoring      Program

Federal Communications Commission, D.C. area
     Training for Mentoring Program

Food Safety Inspection Service, D.C. area
     Consultation, design and training for Mentoring      Program

Sample Retreat Design and Facilitation
EPA Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, OPMO
     Annual teambuilding retreats and training

Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California
     Facilitation to improve teamwork between Federal      and County staff

National Archives, D.C. area
     Consulted and developed a process for pilot Self      Managed Work Teams

Sample Training Design and Facilitation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,      Atlanta and nationally “Nobody Crosses a Bridge      without Support,” for senior support staff
     “The Journey of Listening”

EPA Grants Administration Division, D.C. area
     “Learning to Facilitate”

EPA Region I, Boston
     “Designing Successful Group Processes” for Team      Leaders “Learning to Facilitate”

Federally Employed Women, National Conference
     “Growing Your Self Esteem”
     “Mentoring for Career Resilience”

National Archives, D.C. area
     “Addressing Supervisory Challenges”

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